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Kinesio Taping

Long-term and consistent pain, such as lower back pain, shoulder stiffness and neuralgia, can be treated with very simple methods of tape application – „Kinesio Tape“. Diseases, disorders and inflammatory conditions can be improved when the function of the muscle is corrected (the concept of unique natural healing power connected with its own capacity for muscle healing).
Major characteristics and benefits of „Kinesio Tape“:
1.    Correction of muscle functions/ Tape is efficient in muscle tension sanitation or strengthening weakened musculature. It is also efficient with muscle weaknesses and spasms.
2.    Improving circulation/ Application of tapes will eliminate absorbed liquid in the tissues or subcutaneous bleeding, increasing muscle movements.
3.    With pain / Application of tapes leads to neurological suppression of pain. The pain can also be weakened with the effects listed under number 2.
4.    Repositioning joint subluxation/ Joint dislocation occurred due to abnormal musculature tension can be corrected with the application of tapes which will lead to recovery of fascia and muscle functions.
Excluding certain body parts, the application of tapes can be used for various pains and disorders, as a preventive method with injuries/diseases and for rehabilitation. Besides the common symptoms, the application of tapes will support musculature before and after exercises and long-term walking. It is possible to treat joint with sports people, protecting them with „Kinesio Tape“ in combination with conventional sport’s use of tapes.
The price: 600.00 RSD or 1,000.00 RSD (depending on the number of tapes used).


You can perform underwater massage and do individual exercises in a bath tub. In therapeutic pools, you can do group and individual exercises under the surveillance of therapists. Water temperature in the bath tub and pool is from 35 to 37°C and both are recommended for relaxation.


High and low frequency current, exponentional current, direct-galvanic current, alternating-interfering current, ultrasonic massage and electro-stimulator are all used to stimulate blood vessels and deeper tissues, for faster toxins resorption, for improving metabolisms and for reducing pain and infections.
Ultrasound is used with problems of ossification and degenerative changes of neck and lumbar spine and for removing scars.
Electro-stimulator is used for painless testing and for harder forms of peripheral numbness with the help of electric currents and selective irritation on numb musculature.
Magnetic therapy – application of high frequency magnetic field in the purpose of healing. It is used for faster healing of breaks, pain conditions, circulatory problems and gynaecological diseases.
Photo therapies: bioptron lamp, laser, ultraviolet and infrared. All of them use certain forms of light in the purpose of healing. Laser is used for treating sore and neural conditions, sterility and skin diseases. Bio lamp uses polarized light for healing sport injuries, edema, circulatory disturbances, as well as in dermatology.

Thermo therapies

Paraffin therapy includes the application of heath in the purpose of healing. Cryotherapy - ice compress and ice massage.


Research and application of systematized movements of certain body parts and the whole body in the form of exercises. The aim is the establishment of damaged movement, increasement of muscle power, improvement of movement coordination, body posture and stability.
You can do individual and group exercises with resistance, segment exercises, passive exercises, isometric exercises, exercises on telesphore and bicycle-ergometer. We do exercises with children: group (with scoliosis) and individual (with cerebral paralysis).

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